Serenity Necklace


General Information:

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Metal surface: 18K gold/18K silver

Why choose stainless steel:

  1. Rust-free
  2. Non-allergenic
  3. Strong anti-acid, anti-alkali properties
  4. No deformation
  5. No fading

Pendant Sizes:

  • Breathing Necklace:
    • Pendant length: 5 cm / 6 cm
    • Chain length: 70 cm / 55 cm (longer than the general jewelry necklace length of 45 cm)
    • The product can be worn down to the chest.
  • Rotating Beads Necklace:
    • Pendant length: 20 cm x 22 cm
    • Chain length: 50 cm


  • The pendant does not have a whistle function and cannot be blown.
  • Function: Relieve anxiety or decorate. When you feel anxious, you can breathe deeply into this necklace to help calm your mood.

If there is a problem with the package, please contact me before submitting a dispute or leaving negative feedback. Thank you in advance.

Additional Information:

  • Keywords: Anxiety necklace, breathing necklace, rotating beads necklace, stainless steel jewelry, 18K gold/silver jewelry
  • Target audience: People who are looking for a way to relieve anxiety or who are interested in stylish jewelry

Optimized English Description:

Soothe your anxiety and elevate your style with our exquisite stainless steel necklaces.

Crafted with 18K gold/silver plating, these necklaces are not only rust-free, non-allergenic, and resistant to fading, but also elegant and fashionable.

Choose from two stunning designs:

  • Breathing Necklace: The elongated pendant (5/6 cm) hangs on a 70/55 cm chain, allowing you to wear it at a comfortable length.
  • Rotating Beads Necklace: The eye-catching pendant (20 x 22 cm) comes with a 50 cm chain for a sophisticated look.

While the pendant does not function as a whistle, it can be a powerful tool for anxiety relief.

Simply take a deep breath through the pendant whenever you feel anxious, and let the calming sensation wash over you.

Order your anxiety necklace today and experience the benefits of mindful breathing and stylish design.

Please note: If you encounter any issues with your order, kindly reach out to us before submitting a dispute or leaving negative feedback. We are committed to your satisfaction and will work tirelessly to resolve any concerns you may have.

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